Apologies to December Birthdays

Myles eating his well deserved birthday cake.

Halloween night came to an end. The kids were over-joyed with candy overload. Awake November 1st, Halloween paraphernalia whisked away to be replaced by christmas lights and carols. The stores overtaken. Kaiya already planning her letters to Santa. How quickly the red and green Christmas wave arrived. But wait, stop my beating heart (I love Christmas) there is a big celebration before the overbearing December 25th: Myles’ birthday.

November progressed and with it the Christmas mayhem escalated. Despite every effort to avoid it all in honour of Myles, inevitably it encroached. I started to think about gifts, I was tempted to put on Christmas music, I craved candy canes. I slipped: we went to the Santa ¬†Claus parade. But overall I resisted until I had celebrated he who makes me smile each day – Myles. This was harder than it sounds – and Myles’ birthday is early in December.

So to all of you who have birthdays in December, or even the last half of November, apologies. You’re birthdays are overshadowed despite your parents best efforts. I never understood this more then now.

And yes, the day after the cake, I put on Christmas carols.




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