Curbing my New Year Enthusiasm

I am an impulsive planner. I have to-do lists of to-do lists. And when the new year roles around I enjoy laying out my goals for the year. For the last six years, I have set goals according to a few key areas such as my personal and professional development, my spirituality and travel. As you can imagine, as a list lover, every year I get ambitious. And inevitably, every year I manage to scratch a few goals of the list, but only a few. The rest are left to be regurgitated again and again as each year passes.

So this year I’ve decided to take a new approach inspired by a recent article by Hope Clark. I am reducing my pages and pages of goals to four simple, achievable (yet ambitious) things. It wasn’t an easy transition. Those who know me well would laugh as I fought the urge to add more and more to my list. I couldn’t help but add-on a “Nice to Have” list for a couple of low priority but would be fun goals.  My hope is that my energy will be well focused for the next twelve months with only four goals to pursue. I’m also hoping that the feelings of disappointment and inadequacy I’ve felt in years past regarding my failed goals will disappear. (I mean, why do I even do that to myself? I’ve got two kids under five…somedays I should be proud I managed to brush my teeth.)

The entire process feeds into my ultimate goals, to stop taking life so seriously and to act more than think about doing things. I can have lists from here to the moon, but if I don’t act at all then what’s the point. And luckily this year, my list is short, sweet and enjoyable.

Happy 2014 everyone.





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