Family Day Faux Pas

Last week was Family Day here in British Columbia. As a new holiday, we are still struggling to figure out what traditions will form around this much welcomed statutory holiday. And that is exactly what I found myself doing on Family Day – struggling. Because of the word ‘holiday’ I felt like I had to do something, despite the fact that my four year old was a grump, my husband was too, and Myles (my two year old) was indifferent.

I kept tossing ideas out there, mentioning parks, browsing community calendars, trying to get the family moving. All I got were protests and begrudging half agreements. At one point I came sooooo close to getting them out the door – only to be faced with a protest about wearing shoes.

Finally it came down to a one on one between Dad and Kaiya. What was the root of her freak outs? I was pacing, looking at the clock. The day was almost over and we hadn’t done anything for family day yet. I felt impulsive, stressed out, like I was behind. Dave was trying to get her interested, even though he wasn’t that interested himself. I felt like I had failed to … to what? To join the hoards of people gallivanting around town… to face lineups and traffic and over-stimulated kids jacked up on treats because it’s an undefined holiday?

Hmmm, I think I’ll pass.

With that, I tossed up my hands, re-entered the living room and innocently asked, “Want to make cookies?” (Although in my head I sheepishly admitted that I had been pressuring the family all day for no real reason, other than the word holiday.)

Tune in next year to see if the tradition of cookie making sticks or if I can willingly get the family out the door.

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