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Avril Nagel

This blog offers my personal reflections on family life, what it means to be a parent today, and my joys and challenges as a mom.

My own narrative is one of tragedy and joys. I am mom to three amazing children, Alden, Kaiya and Myles. Alden died shortly after birth, changing the course of my life and leading me to write When Your Child Dies. In 2009 Kaiya arrived like a force and has been astonishing me ever since. Myles is a gentle yet mischievious soul, who is probably climbing the counters as I speak. So our family life is out of the ordinary yet ordinary, with one child missed from the very beginning.

I consider myself an advocate for bereaved parents, their needs and the challenges they face, especially related to pregnancy loss and post-natal loss. Yet life does charge forward, families continue to form, and there are stories that go along with that. Our family life is busy and chaotic. My children are busy, busy adventurous four and almost two year olds. I am working full time while launching my writing career, and my husband is a stay at home dad pursuing a PhD. Here at Northwest Narrative I’ll be sharing stories about the crazy chaos that is my life, my amazing children, my parenting woes and joys, and how being a bereaved mom influences life and parenting. The blog also has more general posts about, well, whatever comes to mind. Life is a multi-faceted adventure and if an inspiration grabs me, I’ll run with it and post it here for your enjoyment.

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