A self-help book for bereaved parents

When Your Child Dies: Tools for Mending Parents’ Broken Hearts provides grief-stricken parents with the tools, strategies and tips to navigate the grieving process and to handle the aftershock of this devastating loss, the death of a child. With compassion and empathy, When Your Child Dies reaches out to console, relate, guide, converse and offer insight to bereaved parents. The book relates the emotional, psychological and spiritual facets of grieving for a child and promotes healthy coping. It also provides practical tools to address internal and extraneous challenges, such as the intrusion of the media or the justice system. When Your Child Dies is a comprehensive step-by-step guide for parents, grief counseling organizations, resource centers and library grief collections.


“Avril makes a compassionate and much needed contribution to the sparse area of literature on the death of a child.  Her writing, accessible and informative, is delivered with a kindness and knowing that only someone who has been there could deliver.  She surveys the field of practical, emotional and spiritual encounters of the death of a child in a book that acts as a both an information handbook and healing guide. When Your Child Dies is an indispensible reference for those whose child has died and for the people who love them.” – Kate H., Mother

After the death of a child the book offers practical advice for grieving parents on how to:

  • Identify and address issues that linger and cause emotional pain
  • Reduce anxiety and depression and promote healthy self-soothing
  • Incorporate the loss into your lives in healthy ways
  • Accept loss in their family in healthy ways
  • Handle reactions from relatives and friends
  • Address challenges associated with dealing with the media, the justice system, the medical system and the coroners
  • Help surviving children understand death and grief
  • Handle the impact on extended family systems and social relationships
  • Foster a continued loving relationship regardless of the death of a child

When your child dies

No matter what age children are when parents lose them, the pangs of loss often besiege parents’ ability to move forward. When Your Child Dies shows parents how to savor their past relationship by giving proven counsel on letting go of regrets, building a new life, incorporating the good memories in new ones and celebrating the joy and love that was shared with their child.

“There is no one book that combines all the information and tools a bereaved parent needs. What we have tried to achieve with When Your Child Dies is to write the book we wished someone had handed to us after our children died.” – Authors Avril Nagel and Randie Clark 

Authors Avril Nagel and Randie Clark, M.A.MHC, CCC, have both experienced the traumatic loss of a child and speak with compassion and empathy directly to the reader, parent-to-parent, providing insightful psychological guidance, counsel and support.

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ISBN: 978-0-88282-391-1

$14.95 pb, August 2012

Self-Help/Death, Grief, Bereavement