Family Day Faux Pas

Last week was Family Day here in British Columbia. As a new holiday, we are still struggling to figure out what traditions will form around this much welcomed statutory holiday. And that is exactly what I found myself doing on Family Day – struggling. Because of the word ‘holiday’ I felt like I had to … [Read more…]

A Reluctant Mommy Sandwich

For all of you parents familiar with Adam Mansbach’s brilliantly funny book Go the F**k to Sleep, you know how I felt two nights ago when both of my children decided to kick up a fuss at bed time. There is nothing like not one, but two, over-tired yet reluctant children at bed time. The excuses were … [Read more…]

Apologies to December Birthdays

Halloween night came to an end. The kids were over-joyed with candy overload. Awake November 1st, Halloween paraphernalia whisked away to be replaced by christmas lights and carols. The stores overtaken. Kaiya already planning her letters to Santa. How quickly the red and green Christmas wave arrived. But wait, stop my beating heart (I love … [Read more…]

The Pizza Artist

It was a Friday night, ingredients were at the ready, and Kaiya was given the task of creating the kids pizza. The back story to this event is that Kaiya has become a self-proclaimed artist and is now spending hours a week colouring, painting and doing intricate, self-designed crafts. She placed the olives, she placed … [Read more…]

Introducing the TodBot

Dear Universe, On behalf of all the parents of toddlers everywhere, can you please help us out? These toddlers are out of control! I have a great pitch to solve the woes of many parents – a todbot (short for toddler robot). And I have all the programming ideas you need to get started. First, the … [Read more…]

What’s in a name?

As is a fairly usual occurence in the life of a parent with two young children, I have recently witnessed something miraculous. My 3 year old has started to write her letters in a fast and furious way. Over the course of a weekend she tackled the task of writing her own name AND those … [Read more…]

Socks Knocked Off – A Reflection on Development

“It will knock your socks off” my husband innocently said to my daughter. “But dad, my socks are already off,” she replied. Despite my husband’s effort to talk up a yummy desert, my daughter interpreted the expression, word for word. I suppose in her mind she imagined said desert traipse across the kitchen and remove her … [Read more…]

Hello Sleep, Hello Brain

Returning to the World After a Year Without Sleep My youngest Myles has just started sleeping through the night. This development is entirely attributed to his father who spent three months cuddling him through night nursing withdrawal.  It’s not until you are out of the haze of intense sleep deprivation that you realize just how … [Read more…]

“I know I am Kaiya”

My three year old daughter recently said to me, “I know I am Kaiya.” I was struck by the significance of her words. She understands that she is her own individual person and she now knows that she is playing a role in her interactions with the world around her. As a parent, I’ve always … [Read more…]