Curbing my New Year Enthusiasm

I am an impulsive planner. I have to-do lists of to-do lists. And when the new year roles around I enjoy laying out my goals for the year. For the last six years, I have set goals according to a few key areas such as my personal and professional development, my spirituality and travel. As … [Read more…]

Grieving and the Holidays

This article was featured in the Winter Edition of my newsletter. Sign up above to get the newsletter delivered directly to your email.  As December draws near and the holidays loom, instead of the common anticipation and excitement, individuals who are grieving often feel a sense of dread. Common sentiments are, “How will I be … [Read more…]

Grief dupes me again

Eventually you hit a battle rhythm with life, and your grief walks away from centre stage. You feel confident. You feel like the depth of sadness is only fleeting now. You are a mother bereaved, but you are happy. Then out of nowhere, grief gets you. Creeps up from behind and says – hello remember … [Read more…]

A dash of surprise

Last week I stopped into a cafe to grab a coffee. I must have had an air of desperation, or maybe the clerk saw the blur in my eyes. Instead of the Americano I ordered, he handed me a Red Eye. What is a Red eye you ask? It is espresso with coffee. I suddenly … [Read more…]

Looking for “the moment”

At the beginning of the summer I suffered a back injury which I am recovering from slowly. For a period of three weeks I could do nothing. I mean nothing. No picking up kids, no cooking, no cleaning, no working. Nothing but lying on the ground, icing my back and walking. You would think, since … [Read more…]

Introducing the TodBot

Dear Universe, On behalf of all the parents of toddlers everywhere, can you please help us out? These toddlers are out of control! I have a great pitch to solve the woes of many parents – a todbot (short for toddler robot). And I have all the programming ideas you need to get started. First, the … [Read more…]

Help for Newtown

Last week the Huffington Post published an article about the Parkers, parents of Emilie who was killed in the Sandy Hook elementary school shootings. The couple had a  meeting with the father of Adam Lanza (the shooter in the Newtown tragedy). I was struck in the article by Elisa Parker’s words and about her conviction … [Read more…]

Commemorating the Penny

In Canada the government has recently decided to stop issuing pennies. These small copper coins have been minted since 1858 and formed my early understandings of what money was as a child. I relished in rolling my ‘riches’ up and even bought penny candies from the corner store (and I’m not that old…). For the … [Read more…]

Managing Family Transitions

After a year and a few months of being home with the kids I’ve returned to full time work as a Planning Officer with Emergency Management BC. I have to admit that after three weeks, my adrenalin is starting to fade and I’m feeling pretty bagged. Transitions like this can take a toll on a … [Read more…]

A is for Organic

  As much as possible, my family purchases produce from Vancouver Island or British Columbia. We are as ‘locavore’ as we can be. This means that in the winter we eat a lot of root vegetables and stews, and berries are a delectable summer treat. I’ve never explored organic foods because I assumed that they … [Read more…]